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remodeling contractor in Kingwood

Article provided by: Superior Home Renovations

remodeling contractor in Kingwood

Are you looking to revamp your home for the coming year? You want your renovation project to only be in the best hands possible. If you’re looking for a remodeling contractor in Kingwood, contact us at Superior Home Renovations. We have extensive experience in renovating bathrooms and kitchens for our clients.

How do you choose between a specialized contractor and a general contractor?

So, you decided to renovate your home and need to choose between hiring a general contractor or a specialized contractor. There are pros and cons to both these options, and you will have to compromise between cost and time. A general contractor acts as the middle-man between you and other specialized contractors.

General contractors will save you a lot of time and effort in finding other dedicated contractors. While you will need to put more effort into finding and vetting specialized contractors, doing this on your own gives you more control and saves costs. Hiring a general contractor is around 15% more expensive than hiring skilled contractors on your own. General contractors are great if you don’t have much experience with renovation projects or need to save time.

Benefits of renovating bathrooms and kitchens at the same time

If you feel like you need to redo your kitchen and bathroom, tackling both renovations as one project could save you time and money. Both these spaces have similar fixtures and materials (like plumbing and tiling), so you could use the same contractors.

When you are renovating these spaces at the same time, it is also easier to achieve a similar design and style for both. You could use the same patterns and color schemes. If you do go this route, ensure you choose a contractor that can handle both. If you need a remodeling contractor in Kingwood, contact us.

How to utilize small bathroom space

No matter how small the space is, you can always use clever design and lighting tricks to get around it. For a small bathroom, an open-concept shower and avoiding a bathtub saves you a lot of space. You can also build the medicine cabinet into the wall to save more space.

As with most space-saving strategies, going vertical is your best bet. Add small storage units along the walls to hold your toiletries and towels. Use wall mounts wherever possible. Using lighter colors and uniform tiling throughout can add the illusion of more space.

New kitchen trends for the coming year

A new trend in kitchen cabinets is to create a continuous kitchen cabinet that goes from the floor to the ceiling. While access may be an issue, it is a great way to store things you rarely use in the least accessible parts.

To further save space, try incorporating a shelf with your sink’s backsplash. Other top trends include minimalist handles on storage units and warmer color palettes. Colors like browns, champagne, terracotta, and oranges are more popular.

Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom is an awesome way of increasing the value of your home. If you are looking for a remodeling contractor in Kingwood, contact Superior Home Renovations.

remodeling contractor in Kingwood
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