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garage door repair Allen

Article provided by: Osborne Overhead Door

garage door repair Allen

There aren't many garage door companies to choose from in Allen, TX, making it difficult to determine the best for you. You may be wondering if the contractors you have chosen are the best garage door installers in Plano, TX. Osborne Overhead Door is precisely who you want to work with. It is a genuine, local, residential garage door and gate company offering unmatched customer service and has excellent attention to detail. In addition, we offer garage door repair services at some of the best rates in the industry.

Quality Service

Being a locally owned garage repair company, a notable feature of Osborne Overhead Door is the personal touch in their services. When you call us and we cannot immediately take your call, one of our representatives will call you back shortly.

The initial assessment of your garage will involve listening to your requirements to determine the best recommendations for you. We are not your garage door companies in Plano, using aggressive sales tactics to upsell products or services you do not need. Instead, we provide recommendations based on your needs. We will also offer a wide range of choices and let you choose the best one for you.

Preventive Service

Osborne Overhead Door does not only provide garage door repair or installation services, but we also educate homeowners about proper garage door maintenance. We call this preventive service garage door 101. Our technicians provide homeowners with tips on maintaining their garage doors, the type of lubrication to use, and preventive tips for common garage door problems.

We are experienced garage door technicians who understand that many costly repairs can be avoided through simple maintenance. Minimal maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs in the future. Homeowners who are not keen on DIY garage door maintenance can hire us for annual garage door service at affordable rates. Consider it a small yearly investment for saving potentially large amounts of money in the future.

Quality Garage Door Parts

At Osborne Overhead Door, we recommend fixing your garage door as soon as it develops a problem to keep your home safe. Our company has quality garage doors and opener parts from some of the country's leading brands. We are always available for emergency garage door services any time of day or night. When you call us for garage door repairs, we will quickly come to your home, replace or fix the damaged parts and ensure your garage door works properly before leaving.

Customer Satisfaction

We consider our staff and customers the reason why we are one of the best garage door companies in the industry. Therefore, we strive to ensure customer satisfaction to maintain our excellent reputation. We treat all our clients with respect and honesty from the moment they contact us for garage door services and even after finishing their garage door repair projects.


We are the premier garage door repair contractors in Allen, TX, with many years of experience. Our technicians have worked on different types of Plano overhead garage doors. Working with Osborne Overhead Door allows you to benefit from the experience we have gained over many years.

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garage door repair Allen
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garage door repair Allen
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