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House foundation repair Part 3 – Drain tile and waterproofing

This video offers a look at the excavation around my house foundation. It gives viewers an idea of expected repairs if their basement or foundation is leaking water etc. Part 3 shows the exposed drain tile, concrete repair and waterproofing. This is Part 3 and I anticipate five parts: 1) Concrete breaking; 2) Excavation; 3) […]

Keystone Foundation Repair-Houston, TX.mpg

Keystone Foundation Repair-Houston, TX offers helpful advice on foundation repair costs, foundation failure signs, Frequently Asked Questions, and free 4 point service call.

Foundation Repair with Pushed Concrete Piers

www. This video shows the basics of foundation repair using the pushed concrete piers method of underpinning and how much the cost of foundation repair turned out in this case (my next door neighbor.)

How to Repair a Crumbling Foundation Video 1 of 3 founder, Tim Carter, visits Lynn’s house in Maryland on a stormy day to talk about her crumbling concrete block foundation.

Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation repair. How to repair foundation cracks; foundation wall cracks. Learn more:

Foundation Repair 101 – Slab on Grade

JD from A&E’s ‘Flip This House’ takes you on site to discuss slab on grade foundations and discusses some tips when your looking at repairs needed, and what you should leave to the professionals.

How To: Foundation Repair Leveling House, Fixing the foundation, pier and beam

this is how we fix the foundation in Arlington Texas. North Texas soil is soft and Our house is sinking. We are fixing it ourselves!

Cement slab foundation repair (do it yourself)

How to repair (or lift) a cement or concrete slab foundation yourself using common materials. We refurbished a 14′ x 28′ storage shed. Adding shelves and a large door to allow access by a lawnmower. Then about 2 years ago, the foundation cracked in the area of the door making it impossible to open. A […]

Dawson Foundation Repair – The Complete Repair Process (214) 234-8421 The complete foundation repair process is followed from beginning to end. The homeowner should understand the value received – Bell Bottom Piers that have proven their permanency with over 100 years of use. Yes, the homeowner receives far more concrete and steel rebar, more labor, more proven success. Call Dawson Foundation Repair at (214) […]

Home foundation repair/sagging floor part 1

Poor boy home repairs