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Abbotsford Renovation Contractor

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Abbotsford Renovation Contractor

Are you searching for a reputable Abbotsford renovation contractor who can complete your project on time and under budget? Consider Master Painting and Renovations for your upcoming remodeling, paint project, or renovation. There are many reasons to choose us as your project’s contractor- top on the list is our unique commitment to seeing your project to its completion with no compromise on the quality of workmanship or materials. You can expect the best possible results when you hire our team.

Our Clients Come First

We have a reputation of choosing people over profits, and for that reason alone, we have earned the respect of the Abbotsford community in a way that few other renovation contractors have. You’ll see the evidence of our dedication to excellence in reviews left on the Web by homeowners who have hired us to renovate kitchens and bathrooms, finish basements, paint their home or business’ interiors and exteriors, and perform various remodeling projects. If you’re looking for the best Abbotsford renovation contractor, give us a call.

Complete Project Orchestration

Our experience in renovations includes start-to-finish orchestration of any home improvement project, including estimates, accurate job quotes, longstanding subcontractor relations, expert design, and project management throughout. Unlike other contractors who are difficult to connect with after you’ve signed the contract, we offer a guaranteed return of your phone call within 24 hours on all business days- so you can rest easy that we’re always available to speak with or meet with you.

Make Sure We’re the Right Fit

Let’s meet to discuss your ideas or home improvement designs, and we’ll let you know what we can do to turn your plans into a reality you’ll love living with. We transform the mundane into beautiful, comfortable living spaces complete with new fixtures and appliances, more accessible floor plans, and colors and patterns that better reflect your lifestyle. If you like what you hear and appreciate the way we respect your home, consider hiring us as your project’s contractor- you won’t be disappointed.

Free Website Resources

Learn more about the services we offer by spending some time on our website. Get started in any one of the following sections:

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  • FAQ
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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring an Abbotsford Renovation Contractor

We save you time and inconvenience by offering a free, all-inclusive guide to hiring the right renovation contractor for your project. Just a few moments of your time could keep you from making a costly mistake you’ll regret later on. Our guide will show you how to:

  • Research and vet a contractor’s work history
  • Find out about business licenses
  • Look into insurance carried by a particular contractor
  • Choose the best means of communication
  • Find out who’s doing what on your project
  • Read local building code requirements
  • Keep your contractor on schedule
  • Discover material purchase history for your project
  • Expect proper job site cleanup
  • Deal with incomplete work
  • Check into guarantees, warranties, and deficiencies
  • And so much more